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Eloping in Tasmania: Your Ultimate Guide to a Magical Island Wedding

Tasmania, often referred to as the Apple Isle, is a treasure trove of natural beauty. From pristine wilderness to captivating landscapes, Tassie really is an idyllic backdrop for an intimate wedding experience.

This guide aims to navigate the essentials of eloping in Tasmania, explaining the how and where to put your mind at ease.

Can you get married at a registry office in Tasmania?

Unlike in other states of Australia, no registry marriage offices are currently operating in Tasmania. Couples looking to elope here often opt for small private ceremonies facilitated by marriage celebrants, who can officiate the marriage at various locations of the couple's choosing.

This is the perfect opportunity to choose somewhere beautiful and celebrate your love story together.

How to elope in Tasmania, legally

Eloping in Tasmania involves a few legal requirements to ensure your marriage is recognised. You'll need:

  • An authorised celebrant to officiate your ceremony

  • A Notice of Intended Marriage Form submitted to your celebrant at least one month before your ceremony

  • Evidence of date and place of birth and proof of identity for both parties

  • If applicable, evidence of the termination of any previous marriages or death certificates

After your ceremony, your celebrant will handle the submission of your documents to the appropriate office, after which you can apply for a certified copy of your marriage certificate.

What do I need to get married in Tasmania?

In addition to the legal requirements listed above for eloping, you should consider the logistical aspects of your chosen location in Tasmania, especially if it's in a national park or a remote area.

Consider access, accommodation, and any permits required for special locations, particularly if you're planning an outdoor ceremony.

Can I get married on a beach in Tasmania?

Absolutely! Tasmania boasts stunning beaches that make for a perfect elopement backdrop. Whether it's the famous Wineglass Bay or the secluded shores along the Bay of Fires, beach elopements are a popular choice.

Cradle Mountain

The top 10 places for eloping in Tasmania

Here are some of the best places for Tasmanian elopements:

Cradle Mountain and Lake St Clair

Known for its breathtaking landscapes, Cradle Mountain and Australia's deepest freshwater lake, Lake St Clair, offer diverse backdrops from ancient rainforests to glacial lakes.

Freycinet National Park/Wineglass Bay

Celebrated for its crystal-clear waters and sandy white beaches, The Freycinet National Park/Wineglass Bay area truly is a magical place for an elopement.

Bay of Fires

Famous for its crystal-clear waters and orange lichen-covered boulders, Bay of Fires offers a unique setting for your ceremony.

Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington provides stunning views over Hobart and is ideal for those seeking a mountainous backdrop.

Hastings Caves State Reserve

For a truly unique setting, consider the mystical underground world of these spacious Dolomite caves.

Bruny Island

With a mix of rugged coastlines and serene beaches, Bruny Island is perfect for a more secluded elopement.

Cape Hauy

Known for its dramatic cliffs and ocean views, Cape Hauy is ideal for adventurous couples.

Ratho Farm

Ratho Farm combines rustic charm with stunning landscapes, providing a picturesque country setting.

Bridestowe Lavender Estate

The lavender fields provide a vibrant and fragrant setting for a romantic ceremony.

Cataract Gorge

Launceston’s Cataract Gorge, with its natural beauty and the Alexandra Suspension Bridge, provides a picturesque backdrop.

Are you thinking of eloping in Tasmania?

I live for the privilege of capturing the unique love stories of couples like you.  As your local Tasmanian wedding videographer, I focus on creating films that are vibrant and colourful, and that you can’t wait to share and enjoy for decades to come. For more information and inspiration related to eloping in Tasmania, feel free to visit our blog or reach out to me.

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