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What is a family film?

A family film is more than just a recording of an event - it's a way to capture candid moments between you and your loved ones. Imagine it as a moving portrait session that highlights the unique personality and essence of your family in a way that a still image cannot match. Whether you're celebrating a birthday or enjoying a leisurely afternoon at the park, a family film is an excellent way to preserve those memories for a lifetime.

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Why hire a videographer?

While it's possible to capture your family's memories using your phone, there are some compelling reasons to consider hiring a family videographer. Here's why:

  • You deserve to be part of the memory-making! It's hard to be present with your family if you're the one always behind the camera.

  • As a professional 'fly-on-the-wall', I'll be able to capture those special, unexpected moments that you may have missed.

What's included:

  • All pre-session planning, including location advice.

  • 2hr session in your home or on location.

  • 2-3 minute highlight film that encapsulates the essence of your family/event.

  • Licensed background music.

  • Up to 10 digital images.

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